Mom Finds Every Boba Lover’s Worst Nightmare in Her Daughter’s Cup

A mom from Thailand took to social media to express her shock and disappointment after discovering something gross inside her teen daughter’s bubble tea. 

Facebook user Kacharmart Peetiya posted images of the still sealed, half-filled plastic container from the Korean bubble tea chain CoCo Tea which had a full-grown cockroach immersed in the drink, reported Coconuts Bangkok.

Based on the image of the leftover bubble tea, her daughter apparently drank a significant amount of the drink before discovering the roach.

The mom, who bought the beverage for her daughter from Coco Tea at the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, posted the photo along with the caption:

“Share this to warn other to examine before you eat, or you might find this too.”

She then tagged the official Coco Tea page and asked,“What can I do about this? This is not ok.”

She would later update her post that an executive from Coco Tea has contacted her to apologize and offer some compensation.

The company explained that bubble jellies are stored safely in a sealed container. In a review of the CCTV footage, the company confirmed that the container remained closed when not in use. Based on the company’s findings, it was concluded that the cockroach may have climbed into the container right before the attending staff sealed it.

Kacharmart also expressed frustration with Coco Tea Facebook page’s initial response asking her if the cup was sealed properly instead of asking if her daughter was alright. She felt that the company cared more about their product than their customers.

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