An Iowa Fifth Grader Threw a Boba Birthday Party for Her Classmates and Now They’re All Obsessed


A fifth grader in Iowa recently celebrated her birthday in class by throwing an awesome boba tea party for her classmates.

Ammya, a boba-loving student from Des Moines, reportedly wanted to bring bubble tea for her classmates to celebrate her birthday instead of the traditional cupcakes or cake. 

Fortunately for Ammya, her brother Spencer works nearby at 8 Degrees Ice Cream and Boba, and was able to concoct something special for her.

“I was able to put together about 3 liters of our classic milk tea along with 3 topping choices of strawberry jelly, mango popping bobas, and black pearls,” the senior high school student tells NextShark.

According to Spencer, since Iowa isn’t as racially diverse as California, he was greeted with confused looks from Ammya’s classmates when he brought out the goods.

“When I walked in with my work hat and the boba tea, the kids were confused and were expecting the traditional cupcakes and such,” he shared. “I explained to them what boba tea was and they were all instantly intrigued by the colorful boba toppings.”

He then let the children try each of the toppings and they were immediately hooked.

“They said things like: ‘I love the chewy feeling!’, ‘I’ve never had anything like this before!’, and ‘I like how it pops in my mouth!’” he noted. “By the end of it, the kids said they would take their parents to 8 Degrees every day. They were already craving for more!”

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Spencer revealed that the kids’ reactions during the bubble tea party made him appreciate their willingness to try new things and “our diversity in general.”

“Bright smiles and the amazement of these kids culture openness really made me appreciate the experience even more.”

Featured images via Spencer Tran

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