Rare Blue Bananas Exist But They Don’t Taste Like Normal Bananas

blue bananas

Blue-colored bananas exist and they taste like a delicious cold treat. 

Blue Java bananas, which recently made rounds on the internet, apparently originated from Southeast Asia (though not exactly from Java, Indonesia), but have since spread to other parts of the world.

Blue Java bananas are produced in cultivation by selective breeding from species that are both found in Southeast Asia.

The fruit, which also made its way to Hawaii, is known among locals as “Ice Cream banana” for a good reason.


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The Blue Java also known as “Ice cream Banana” is a hardy, cold tolerant banana cultivar known for its sweet aromatic fruit which have an ice cream like consistency and flavor reminiscent of vanilla. It’s Genetic Group : 2n=22 This hardy, cold tolerant banana plant reaches up to 15 feet in height. In spite of its height, it stands up to the wind well having a strong stem and root system. The pseudostem is prone to leaning quite a bit if there is a large bunch of bananas developing, so propping or support is recommended. The leaves are a silver-green color. The unripe fruit is an unusual and highly attractive blue-green color. #bluejavabanana #bluelove #banana #love #nature #botany

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The banana derives its color and name from its unripe blue-green skin, which then turns into a pale yellow with white flesh on the inside.

Many who have tasted the fruit agree that it tastes like vanilla, while its consistency, even when raw, is strikingly similar to that of ice cream.


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Today at #summerschool I heard… “child…you ever see a blue 🍌 before?” It was art and craft time…I believe kids should be allowed creative expression. If for you the banana is blue and not yellow…then go ahead and be a blue banana colourer😂…( I invent words and I don’t care) We have to be careful what we teach kids…I was teaching crayon etching and when I said we were gonna use the black crayon over the other colours..one kid remarked..” I hate the black crayon!…when I get my crayons I throw the black one out”….it saddened me…and I grabbed that #teachable moment and set my class straight! The black crayon is beautifully brilliant and without it crayon etching wouldn’t be possible! Oh and btw…. apparently there are blue bananas..they are called #bluejava and apparently they taste like vanilla ice cream! #colourfreedom #rainbowcolours #blackisbeautiful #bluebananas

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Blue Java bananas can grow under the right conditions.

In the U.S., the fruit is suitable to grow in the Department of Agriculture’s zones 9b through 11, though some farmers reportedly have also been able to grow them from zones 8 to 11.

Some vloggers have already tried the fruit and shared their thoughts about it.

Fitness YouTuber Grant Campbell, also known as Raw Aussie Athlete, described the fruit as “phenomenal.”


“Party in my mouth,” Campbell says as he eats the fruit. “So good. Unbelievable.”

“You’ve got to wait until these suckers are so soft that you’re ready to throw them away and then eat them … that’s the time to eat them.”

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