Blonde Woman Found Randomly Strolling Around Bangkok Naked

An unidentified blonde woman easily caught the public’s attention when she was found naked while walking along a popular tourist spot in Bangkok on Tuesday.

The woman in Khao San Road was caught by police on a nearby bridge where she was quickly covered with a sarong. She was the taken to the police station.

Unfortunately, authorities did not understand the woman when they asked of her whereabouts. She reportedly refused to talk and cooperate.

Jakchai Banyensakul, a rescue worker who took her photos, said (via Daily Mail): 

“It was very hot, and there are a lot of tourists there. It’s mainly foreign backpackers here so we think she is on a travelling trip.

“She wasn’t making any sense. She will not say what happened to her and she refused to answer any questions in English and Thai.”

The woman, believed to be in her mid-30s, was also taken to the hospital and checked by nurses who ruled out suspicion of any attack before she was found naked.

A police officer said, “She not complain about anything. We still don’t know who she is and why she was running away from us. We will wait for her to settle down.”

“We will have to wait for a couple of days and find out what is wrong with her. But as she has not done anything wrong she could be released shortly,” the officer added.

This is not the first time we’ve seen someone go naked for apparently no reason in public.

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