Asian Man in LAPD Shirt Yells ‘White Power’ at Black Lives Matter Protesters

A video posted by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles depicts a man of Asian descent wearing a long-sleeved shirt with Los Angeles Police logos yelling “white power” at Black Lives Matter protesters on Thursday.

According to the BLMLA Twitter account, the man, who they claim is an LAPD officer, was yelling “white power” and making “white power” signs with his hands to allegedly antagonize the family of Albert Ramon Dorsey, a Black man who was killed by police at the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym locker room. Today, he would have been 31, and BLMLA protested in front of the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness.

On Facebook, BLMLA described the incident in the caption:

“This off-duty LAPD officer was working out there this morning and decided to harass us after his workout. The dozen or so on-duty officers that had been called in by 24 held to the blue line and watched as this cop tried to intimidate us. This is what 24-Hour Fitness policies protect as they engage police to murder our people. This is what LAPD practice and condones.”

The posted video does not fully reveal the entire context of the man’s and the protesters’ interaction.

The LAPD is currently aware of the situation and tweeted their updates to the story, indicating that officers pursued a suspect who fled on foot:

An LAPD representative told NextShark that the department has not yet identified the suspect or confirmed if he is a member of the LAPD.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to contact the LAPD at (800) 339-6868.

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