Man Wearing LAPD Shirt Who Shouted ‘White Power’ at BLM Protesters Identified

Man Wearing LAPD Shirt Who Shouted ‘White Power’ at BLM Protesters IdentifiedMan Wearing LAPD Shirt Who Shouted ‘White Power’ at BLM Protesters Identified
Last week, a man wearing an LAPD shirt was captured on video yelling “white power” while antagonizing Black Lives Matter protesters outside of the Hollywood 24 Hours Fitness gym.
The video, which was posted by the BLMLA Twitter account, claimed that an LAPD officer was seen making “white power” signs with his hands while yelling “white power” at the family of Albert Ramon Dorsey, a Black man who was fatally shot by police at the Hollywood 24 Hour Fitness gym locker room.
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On Facebook, BLMLA described the incident in the caption:
“This off-duty LAPD officer was working out there this morning and decided to harass us after his workout. The dozen or so on-duty officers that had been called in by 24 held to the blue line and watched as this cop tried to intimidate us. This is what 24-Hour Fitness policies protect as they engage police to murder our people. This is what LAPD practice and condones.”
Despite the widespread assumptions, the LAPD have confirmed that the man in the video is not a real LAPD officer but they have stated that they will continue investigating the situation regardless.
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Twitter users were able to eventually identify the racist man wearing the LAPD shirt as Daniel Sohn, and it turns out this wasn’t his first time making news headlines.
In 2014, Sohn was interviewed by a local news channel in Denver, Colorado after he attempted to ditch his dog, Bronson, at the Denver Animal shelter, twice. According to witnesses, he even ended up hitting the German shepherd with his car at one point, to which he responded:
“I didn’t accidentally hit him, he jumped in front of my car but I felt he was triggered to do so as if like he was a mechanism of the surrounding people.”
In the interview with The DenverChannel, he stated, “I actually gave my dog a choice if he wanted to be with me or possibly find an owner he might feel better with.”
According to Sohn, he drove his dog to Los Angeles after two failed attempts at leaving Bronson behind at the shelter  but the dog allegedly jumped out of the car window. When further questioned regarding the whereabouts of the German shepherd, he replied, “Is he still alive? I’m sure he is.”
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