Blind Japanese Skater Stuns the Internet By Using a Cane to Do Tricks

blind skater

A purportedly blind skater from Japan has become a social media sensation after videos of him doing impressive skateboard moves emerged online.


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New trick‼️ 📲 @tsubasatakahagi #nikesb #metrogrammed #skatecrunch #skateboarding #skatelife

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Instagram account kid_m.c. shared clips of the unnamed skater who is shown riding the concrete waves at the skateboard park while wearing a pair of baggy shirts and denim jeans.

In the videos, it appears that he is able to navigate the park with the help of a cane guiding his path.

Multiple videos on the account showed the boy performing some really difficult stunts on his skateboard. His limited vision does not stop him from showing off his skateboarding skills, as shown by what he can do while riding the board.

In some of the clips, his moves generate applause from an appreciative crowd. Folks on social media are equally impressed, with many giving the mysterious blind skater praises online.

Many could not contain their surprise:

While others were left inspired by his skills and dedication:

Feature Image via kid_m.c

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