Proud Blasian Parents Stun With Traditional Gowns at Their Daughter’s Wedding

A Black and Asian couple reportedly stole the show at their daughter’s wedding in Australia.

Dressed in traditional clothes, the couple turned heads as they walked together across the lavish reception venue, which was packed with guests.

Photos of the couple were posted by Blasian Facebook page Aku•Ako late last month.

In one portrait, the bride, also wearing a traditional dress, is seen sitting between her standing parents.

Another portrait shows a closeup look of the Blasian parents who, needless to say, are proud of their daughter on her special day.

The images were shot by photography service Oy Photography, which is based in Melbourne.

Facebook users took delight at the family’s photos and the celebration of their identities:

“I am Black and Korean, seeing this is wonderful. Beautiful family.”

“They exuberate such poise, strength, and happiness! Such a beautiful family.”

“The father is handsome and strong looking, and the mother is flawless. I’m definitely digging this union, and congratulations to their daughter! Simply gorgeous family!”

“The Asian mother even has African features in her face, if you ask me. No surprise though, Africans and Asian are truly first ‘cousins.'”

“I may not be dating an Asian woman but this gives me confidence that my relationship with my girlfriend can go the distance.”

Feature Images via Getty

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