People Are Furious After Bachelorette Rejects Hot Asian Contestant For ‘Whaboom’ Guy

This season’s The Bachelorette features the stunning 32-year-old attorney Rachel Lindsay, the first black lead in 15 years of the franchise.

5.7 million viewers tuned in on Monday night as the first episode of Season 13 to witness how the gorgeous searcher will choose among the 31 men competing for her heart.

However, by the end of the episode, many fans were left very confused by Rachel Lindsay’s final rose. Instead of awarding it to an instant fan favorite, it was given to the dude everybody calls now the Whaboom guy.

Among the eight guys who got sent home, seven seemed to have made no impression to viewers. One hunky former US Marine,  however. definitely stood out.

Blake K, an Asian American candidate, instantly won fans during the premiere episode not just with his good looks but also his charisma brought about by a kind smile.

While he may not have caught Rachel’s attention, many viewers have been making noise on social media expressing that they are very into him. They made sure the internet heard them that they were bummed that he got sent home.


Observers, however, are pointing out that Blake K. may actually have left the show on his own terms.

An image capturing a post from Blake K.’s Instagram account from two months ago (the show was filmed months ago) may reveal the actual reason he had to leave the show prematurely.

“Left my adventure in LA early and flew directly to Hawaii to visit my 90-year-old grandfather who was in the ICU,” he wrote in the post, which has since been edited.

Despite the early exit on the show, something tells us that this may not be the last time we’ve heard of Blake K. in the entertainment scene.

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