‘Pretty Savage’ gamer: Blackpink’s Jisoo named new ambassador for ‘Maplestory’

‘Pretty Savage’ gamer: Blackpink’s Jisoo named new ambassador for ‘Maplestory’‘Pretty Savage’ gamer: Blackpink’s Jisoo named new ambassador for ‘Maplestory’
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Daniel Anderson
March 22, 2022
“Maplestory” game developer
Kim, known mononymously to fans as Jisoo, is the online role-playing game’s second-ever ambassador, officially succeeding Olympic archer and long-time “Maplestory” player Kim Jae Duk on March 10. 
Fans of Blackpink and “Maplestory” can delight in “Log Off Lives,” a video series hosted by the singer, alongside MC Seong Seung-hoon, that is available on the game’s official YouTube channel. The series, of which the first few episodes have already been released, shows Jisoo sharing her experiences as a player, answering questions and giving away special treats to the game’s players.

In her first interview video, Jisoo shares that she has played the game since she was 9, beating in-game bosses Hard Lucid and Hard Suu when she was 27. Now at age 28, she’s active as the Henesys Fashion Queen. Jisoo says “Maplestory” was a must-play growing up if she wanted to join in on conversations with her friends. Jisoo also breaks down her playing style, sharing that she likes playing Bishop because it feels like an essential class when fighting bosses. If she were to play another character, it would probably be Angelic Buster.
During her second interview, Jisoo shares that she learned patience in elementary school from the Forest of Patience jump quest. She is now above level 245 and has defeated bosses Hard Lucid and Hard Suu in a three-person party. Her current goal is to defeat the new boss Kalos. She goes on to reveal that when she has time, she does boss fights with her guild in voice chat. Her friends, she says, warned that it would be obvious it was her if she joined through voice chat, but no one knew, she says.

Jisoo also offers recommendations for her fellow Blackpink members when playing “Maplestory.” She advises Jennie to use Dual Blade since she wants a damage dealer in her party. For Rosé, she recommends Mercedes because of their similar blond and fairy-like visuals. Since Lisa doesn’t play a lot of games, Jisoo says Adele would be a good character for her because it is easy to play with flashy skills.
As a gift to Jisoo, the “MapleStory” art team prepared a special illustration of her with the character Lucid. Jisoo also recently posted an Instagram picture of herself with a “Maplestory”-decked pink locker with cute plushies and stickers of boss Pinkbean.
The founder of Nexon, Kim Jung-ju, passed away at age 54 earlier this year. Jisoo’s new role is considered a continuation of his legacy, as ambassadors are expected to “introduce ‘Maplestory’ users working in various fields to spread the good influence of the game.” 
The Blackpink member’s status as a gamer is long-established and goes far beyond her relationship with “Maplestory.” In Episode 1 of the group’s YouTube series “Blackpink House,” Jisoo is seen playing mobile games while Lisa tells viewers, “She’s always playing games. I’ll tell her to stop playing.” Jisoo responds back, “Why are you stopping me? Playing games is my right.” 
In another video interview of the K-pop stars, when the group is asked which of them is the best at playing video games, Rosé quickly points to Jisoo, and Jisoo points to herself. 
Even label mates apparently know of Jisoo’s affinity for games. Fellow YG Entertainment artist Somi shared in an episode of “I Am Somi” that she sees Jisoo playing “Animal Crossing” every day at the break of dawn. 
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