BLACKPINK’s newest fan is Lisa from ‘The Simpsons’

BLACKPINK’s newest fan is Lisa from ‘The Simpsons’
Daniel Anderson
November 15, 2022
The latest episode of “The Simpsons” reveals that Lisa Simpson is a fan of K-pop and BLACKPINK.
In the Nov. 13 episode, Homer drives his daughter and Duffman — Duff Beer’s spokesperson and mascot — around. Lisa mentions that she wants to listen to her second-favorite genre of music rather than her beloved jazz. 
A befuddled Homer attempts to guess what that other genre may be without any success.
Lisa then responds, “I like K-pop, dad,” to which Homer chuckles nervously and says, “Woah, of course, I knew that” before looking at Duffman and saying, “It’s fun to pretend that you’re clueless.”
Homer then plays “Lovesick Girls,” the title track of BLACKPINK’s 2020 album “The Album.” Homer, Lisa and Duffman blast the song and sing its chorus, as well as the Korean lyrics.
After the episode aired, the official Twitter account of “The Simpsons” tweeted a clip of the scene. 
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Additionally, showrunner Matt Selman shared the “Lovesick Girls” music video on Twitter and wrote, “Lisa loves Lovesick Girls by Blackpink @TheSimpsons.”
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Following the episode’s airing, BLACKPINK member Jisoo shared her reaction in a recent Instagram story by sharing the clip of the characters singing and writing, “Is this real?!” 
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This isn’t the first time K-pop has received a nod from “The Simpsons.” In a 2019 episode, the Simpsons family travel to South Korea and see people holding up signs with messages like “BTS here today” and “BTS ARMY recruiting center.”
While Lisa Simpson may not see BLACKPINK in the Springfield area, real life BLINKS can catch the K-pop quartet on their “Born Pink” world tour, named after their second studio album released in September. They will complete their North American circuit and perform in Los Angeles later this week on Nov. 19 and 20. Then, starting on Nov. 30 in London, they will begin their European leg, finishing in December before going to Asia-Pacific in 2023.  
Feature Image via: YG Entertainment, Scrooge200 
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