BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Older Sister Stuns the Internet With Family’s ‘Superior’ Genes


Fans of BLACKPINK member Jisoo’s sister has created a buzz on social media in South Korea after fans discovered that she made an appearance on a popular television show.

Jisoo’s older sister, Kim Ji Yoon, was among the guests in the childcare variety program, “Trio’s Childcare Challenge.”

The 30-year-old reportedly appeared with her family as clients seeking babysitting help in an episode of the KBS2 program last fall.

In the episode, Ji Yoon was joined by her husband and two sons. The family hired singer Hwang Chi Yeol as their babysitter. While it was not revealed in the show that she was, in fact, Jisoo’s sister, she still caught many viewers’ attention for her good looks and her high school nickname “Gunpo Han Hyo Joo.”

It did not take long for curious fans to dig deeper and discover that “Gunpo Han Hyo Joo” was Jisoo’s oldest sibling. The discovery has sparked online buzz with fans praising the family’s “superior genes,” AllKPop reports. 


“The genes in this family are just otherworldly… so jealous,” a fan was quoted as saying. 

“I can’t believe she’s the mother of two children!!” one exclaimed.

“Daebak, this is what you call ‘blessed genes’,” commented another. 

Aside from Jisoo’s sister, her older brother also created a commotion on social media with his own good looks after fans spotted Jisoo attending his wedding.

Feature Image via sooyaaa__ (Left), KBS Entertain (Right)

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