Elderly Asian Woman Harassed and Robbed By ‘Racist’ Woman On Toronto Subway

Elderly Asian Woman Harassed and Robbed By ‘Racist’ Woman On Toronto Subway
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 31, 2018
A disturbing video emerged online featuring an elderly Asian woman getting harassed, then robbed, by a young Black woman in Canada.
The incident, which happened this weekend inside a moving subway train near Eglinton West Station in Toronto, was caught on film by a passenger named Margaret Anthony.
In the clip posted on YouTube on Sunday, a young woman wearing a black Toronto Blue Jays T-shirt can be heard screaming “GO BACK TO CHINA!” repeatedly at someone who was not initially visible.
Shortly after, the woman came running near the person filming the scene, immediately followed by an older woman who was trying to retrieve her phone.
“Give me my cellphone!” pleaded the woman.
“I’ll give it to you if you take the video off of it,” the younger woman responded.
As the women scuffle to gain control of the smartphone, bystanders began to intervene.
“Stop assaulting her! Leave her alone! Don’t touch her!” one person can be heard as saying.
“You’re telling her to go back to China? You’re wrong… you’re racist!” said the woman recording with her camera.
Just as the train stops at Eglinton West Station, the girl managed to grab the phone and dash off the train.
As the video ends, the woman who was robbed of her phone chased the young thief outside the platform.
In her YouTube post, Anthony wrote in the description, “I’m on the TTC heading southbound on Line 1. This young woman was yelling at a commuter to go back to China. I pulled the emergency alarm, confronted the culprit mugging this woman and waited for the police to arrive This is unacceptable!”
In a statement concerning the incident, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said the TTC condemns “in the strongest possible terms, the use of racially-charged language on the system.”
“With respect to this incident, we are sharing whatever information we have, including video from the train, with Toronto Police for their investigation,” Green added.
Featured Image via YouTube / Margaret Anthony
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