L.A. Comedian Accused of Racism Over Offensive ‘Blasian Restaurant’ Skit

L.A. Comedian Accused of Racism Over Offensive ‘Blasian Restaurant’ Skit
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September 30, 2020
A Black comedian has come under fire over a sketch about a “Blasian” restaurant that shows her donning a traditional Chinese costume and speaking in a mock Asian accent.
Kinigra Deon first posted “Welcome to Ki-Mon Chi Blasian House” in February, but the skit recently resurfaced among Asian community groups on Facebook.
Image Screenshot via Kinigra Deon
The 10-minute video begins with a Black couple arriving at “Ki-Mon Chi Blasian House” and being greeted by a staff member, who later turns out to be the manager.
The couple requests for a more private space, but the manager dupes them for $5 and leads them right to the middle of the restaurant.
Image Screenshot via Kinigra Deon
After getting seated, the couple struggles to order from a Chinese written menu. Deon, who plays a waitress, arrives at the table to translate for them.
The horror of the dining experience begins when the manager comes to their table with “egg rolls” for appetizers. It turns out the dish is raw eggs literally rolled for no apparent use.
Image Screenshot via Kinigra Deon
The scene gets tenser as their orders arrived. The woman, who wanted chow mein, receives two packs of uncooked ramen, while the man, who wanted chicken fried rice, receives fried chicken and rice.
The situation escalates as the couple demands to see the manager, who then offers them a measly $0.50 discount for a $500 bill. The woman is also offered a nail service “in the back” of the restaurant.
During the confrontation, the couple overhears the staff calling them a “b***h” and the N-word. The workers respond that it is just “how we talk in our language.”
The sketch quickly sparked outrage among social media users, who accused the LA-based creator of racism. Some left others to imagine how it would be if the roles of Blacks and Asians were reversed.
Deon has since made the skit private on her social platforms, but a copy remains available to watch from YouTuber Tim Willy, another Black comedian. The post has older but visibly positive comments.
Deon recently responded to the backlash on the social media site in the comments, declaring that she has “nothing racist in my bone” and that the skit did not intend to offend anyone. She stressed that the jokes were of Black stereotypes and claimed that all of her Asian friends encouraged it.
“I think this world is becoming too sensitive. If the reverse was done I would be laughing (others would be offended). I can’t allow people to dictate my content,” Deon wrote.
“I believe everything is about someone’s intentions and it truly was two Black women who wanted to open an Asian restaurant, but instead they only serve Black cuisine and rob people out of their money,” the comedian added.
“It wasn’t meant to mock or demean anyone. Now for those who are offended, I apologize if they read more into what it was [sic] intended.”
NextShark has reached out to Deon for further comment.
Feature Image Screenshots via Kinigra Deon
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