Man With Terminal Cancer Writes 19 Letters For His 1-Year-Old Daughter Before He Dies

Man With Terminal Cancer Writes 19 Letters For His 1-Year-Old Daughter Before He Dies

October 11, 2019
A Taiwanese man who succumbed to liver cancer in 2006 is posthumously touching people’s hearts as advanced birthday letters for his young daughter emerged on Facebook earlier this week.
The man penned the letters for his child from when she was 2 in 2007 until she turns 20 in 2025, according to the daughter’s mother, Bella Chu.
Chu and her daughter in 2016. Image via Facebook / Bella Chu
Their daughter, who was born in January 2005, is now in her third year of junior high school.
Despite feeling weak, her father wrote all 19 letters in May 2006, the month before he died.
Image via Facebook / Bella Chu
Convinced that their daughter was too young to understand the letters, Chu kept them to herself until now, when she finally returns them to their rightful owner.
However, Chu, who works in Beijing, says that she never read any of the letters, nor even thought of opening them.
Image via Facebook / Bella Chu
“Your father, who passed away too early, left these words for you. I hope that you’ll use your heart to listen to what he wanted to say,” Chu addressed their daughter, who currently resides at a school dormitory.
It’s unclear if Chu had been married to the man.
Image: Screenshot via Facebook / Bella Chu
Chu’s story has gone viral with more than 11,000 reactions since its posting on Monday.
Facebook users commented:
“It’s so touching.”
“What a big piece of onion.”
“This made me burst into tears.”
“The endless love of parents for their children.”
“I think it’s the kind of love that’s always around, regardless of time and space.”
Featured Images via Facebook / Bella Chu (Left, Right)
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