Wuhan Delivery Man Breaks Down Crying After Anonymous Customer Orders Him a Birthday Cake

Wuhan Delivery Man Breaks Down Crying After Anonymous Customer Orders Him a Birthday Cake

April 29, 2020
An act of random kindness left a hardworking food delivery man in China in tears.
Weibo users shared the story of a delivery man in Wuhan, China who could not get a day off to celebrate his birthday.
Like most essential workers, the unnamed food delivery man works around the clock while most of us stay indoors. Many rely on these people braving the risks to make ends meet for their families.
Recognizing the daily sacrifices these men and women are doing, one anonymous customer decided to reward a food delivery service with a simple gesture. To show his appreciation, this customer ordered a cake for the delivery rider.
In some eerie but coincidental twist, it turned out that it was, in fact, the recipient’s actual birthday, World of Buzz reports.
Initially unaware of what was going on, the worker went to the bakeshop to collect the cake as instructed.
After he was told that the cake was actually for him, he could not believe it and had to ask the cashier multiple times if it was an error.
The food delivery man eventually accepted his anonymous gift and left the bakery very emotional. Touched, the man sat outside the store and broke down in tears. Thanks to the gift, our hero got to have a small moment for himself to celebrate his birthday even if it was by the side of a street.
Video footage of the man blowing out his birthday candle has become widely shared on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.
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