Mulan’s Grandmother Low-Key Predicted Netflix’s ‘Bird Box’

bird box

Netizens are noticing that Grandmother Fa from Disney’s “Mulan” may have predicted the coming of Netflix’s “Bird Box” nearly two decades before it was released.

Spanish-speaking Disney Twitter account @OhMyDisneyLA reminded the internet about a specific scene where Grandmother Fa blindfolds herself as she crosses the street.

A similar idea can be found in the 2018 movie “Bird Box,” which tells the story of how Sandra Bullock has to fight for survival and save her family while wearing blindfolds.

Both movies also involve the use of an animal. “Mulan” has the lucky cricket, while “Bird Box” has a bird that the character uses for safety.

The Disney account mentioned the similarities between the two, according to BuzzFeed.

What’s all the fuss about this movie? Grandmother Fa did this years ago #Mulan,” the post said in English.


It appears Grandmother Fa also pioneered the on-going “Bird Box Challenge.”

“Bird Box” has another connection with “Mulan”:


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No view of the outside is safe. #BirdBox

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B.D. Wong was cast in “Bird Box” as Greg, the owner of a refugee house and notably voiced Captain Li Shang in “Mulan.”

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