Woman Drops Subtle Hints for Her Boyfriend on Snapchat and He DE👏LIV👏ERS

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An upcoming college freshman in Minnesota has given the internet a valuable lesson in keeping relationships strong with the right surprises.

In July 2018, Billy Yang and Jen Vang became a couple, and they have since shared their precious moments on social media.

Jen Vang and Billy Yang

On Feb. 24, Yang took to Facebook to share his most recent gift to Vang: a silver ring from Pandora.

While gifts — material or not — are pretty much expected in any thriving relationship, Yang’s choice is a testament of his careful attention to his girlfriend’s wishes.

“When she gives you hints, take them,” Yang wrote, showing photos of two occasions when Vang “communicated” her wish for a Pandora ring.

Yang’s post immediately went viral, raking 126,000 shares and 59,000 likes in just two days.

Many praised Yang’s smarts, while others took notes for themselves and their friends.

However, some used the opportunity to call out their partners.

It seems Yang did not only get his girlfriend a ring — he also got her nails done.

For this, one Facebook user declared him as “Man of the Year.”

Images via Facebook / Billy Yang

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