Billionaire Jack Ma is Teaching Tai Chi to Entrepreneurs for $15,000

Billionaire Jack Ma is Teaching Tai Chi to Entrepreneurs for $15,000
Ryan General
May 31, 2017
Chinese business magnate and multi-billionaire Jack Ma is now offering tai chi philosophy classes for entrepreneurs.
For a cool 100,000 yuan ($14,700), an entrepreneur can learn the philosophy from the Alibaba founder himself over the course of six classes. Each class lasts three days, according to Chinese media (via The Straits Times).
In an interview at the Davos World Economic Forum with Bloomberg TV’s Charlie Rose, China’s richest man explained how the philosophy of tai chi can be used in business.
“Tai chi is about how you balance and how you work,” he said in 2015.
“Tai chi is like ‘you fight there and I’ll go over here. You’re at the top, and I’ll go down’. It’s a balance. You are heavy and I’m small. When I’m small, I can jump. You’re heavy. You cannot jump. Tai chi is about a philosophy. I use tai chi philosophy in the business. Calm down. There’s always a way out and keep yourself balanced.”
The 52-year-old, who is an outspoken fan of martial arts, has been practicing tai chi quan since 1988. Ma recently expressed his support for the discipline by commenting on the now viral loss of a supposed tai chi master under the hands of a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.
He pointed out that the two styles are not meant to be compared as they are bound by their own set of rules.
“Tai chi was invented neither for attack nor defense, but as a movement to illustrate its philosophy. Attack and defense are part of tai chi, but definitely not all of it,” said Ma via a post on his social media (Weibo) account.
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