Billionaire Jack Ma Makes Singing Debut With Hong Kong Diva Faye Wong

Billionaire Jack Ma Makes Singing Debut With Hong Kong Diva Faye Wong
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
November 7, 2017
Chinese billionaire Jack Ma won’t just star in the martial arts film “Gong Shou Dao,” he will also sing its theme song alongside 48-year-old songstress diva Faye Wong. The 53-year-old Alibaba CEO showcased his singing chops by posting the song “Feng Qing Yang” on Chinese social media Weibo.
Ma is heard on the track singing with the widely popular Chinese songstress, who Ma is a huge fan of according to AsiaOne. The Chinese billionaire will be starring in Jet Li’s short film “GSD”, which roughly translates to “martial art” based on “guard and defense”.
As for the song itself, its theme references author Louis Cha’s renowned novel “The Smiling, Proud Wanderer”, which tells a story about a Mount Hua swordsman. While Ma delivered a decent and solid performance in singing the film’s theme song, netizens were quick to criticize him exclaiming that his vocals should be omitted from the song, according to CNBC.
However, the billionaire CEO took the criticisms lightly as he said in jest that listeners will eventually get accustomed to his voice the longer they listen to him sing. Aside from singing with Wong, Ma will also be starring alongside other notable Asian actors such as “Ip Man” co-stars Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung along with action star Tony Jaa.
“GSD” is scheduled to release on November 11, the same day that Alibaba will be holding their 11.11 Global Shopping Festival. With that said, Ma can now consider himself a singer and an actor as well in addition to being a Chinese boss billionaire.
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