Hot Pot Restaurant Goes Viral After Hiring Shirtless Hunks, Bikini Babes as Servers

Hot Pot Restaurant Goes Viral After Hiring Shirtless Hunks, Bikini Babes as Servers

A bikini restaurant has gone viral for its delicious hot pot. Or, wait, is it the other way around? Shirtless hunks and beautiful babes serve hot pot as customers take in the eye candy.

February 9, 2018
A hot pot restaurant located in Hefei, Anhui province, China, became the talk of the town after a video showing shirtless hunky waiters and model-like waitresses wearing bikinis surfaced on Chinese social media.
bikini restaurant
The clip in question was found circulating online on Wednesday. According to Shanghaiist via Medium, one of the restaurant’s employees told Btimes the following day after it went popular on social media that these waiters and waitresses are not regular waitstaff.
bikini restaurant
They were hired as some sort of “performers” or special treat for their regular customers to serve their food. The eye-catching gig, according to the unnamed employee, was a one-time thing that will probably not happen again.
bikini restaurant
Many restaurants seem to be using sexiness as a tool to boost their sales, like the Taiwanese food stand that quadrupled its sales in one night after hiring a sexy model to tend to its customers. While this method may sometimes work in the owner’s favor, it could still backfire tremendously for the ones in charge of the store.
Don’t believe there could be any repercussions for the eye candy? Take what happened to the Thai coffee shop owner as an example. He got in trouble with the authorities for his restaurant’s publicity stunt — so much so, that they were even considering of filing charges against the man after pictures and videos of waitresses wearing nothing but an apron and panties while serving customers went viral.
Check out the video below:
Featured image via YouTube / Shanghaiist
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