Over 1,000 Chinese High School Grads Have to Wear Bikinis to Become Flight Attendants

Being a flight attendant in China can be a pretty big deal, but aside from the military grade skillset, young ladies hoping to work with airlines must also have their bodies and beauty judged in what is known to be an extremely competitive field of work.

Chinese modeling agency Oriental Beauty, along with recruiters from the aviation and modeling industries, hosted a competition to recruit the most beautiful flight attendants in Qingdao, China this past weekend.

Over 1,000 recent female high school graduates from Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and Jilin donned matching bikinis and flight attendant uniforms hoping to land a job.

Potential flight attendants were required to be at least 5’6” tall unless they are extraordinarily beautiful, in which case being 5’5” is acceptable.

Women are told to be “elegant, slim, have sweet voice and have no scars in the exposed part of their skin,” according to Daily Mail.

Many may criticize the competition in what other countries would be quick to call an extremely sexist application process for a job whose pay is less than glamorous. China Airlines, one of the major aviation companies in China, pays their flight attendants an average of $20 an hour.

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