BIGBANG’s Taeyang drops new mini-album, music video with BLACKPINK’s Lisa

BIGBANG’s Taeyang drops new mini-album, music video with BLACKPINK’s LisaBIGBANG’s Taeyang drops new mini-album, music video with BLACKPINK’s Lisa
K-pop star and BIGBANG member Taeyang released his new mini-album, “Down to Earth,” on Tuesday.
The recent release comes with music videos for the songs “Shoong!,” featuring BLACKPINK’s Lisa, and “Seed.”
Other songs on the album include the previously released single “Vibe” featuring BTSJimin, “Reason,” “Inspiration” featuring Beenzino and “Nightfall” featuring Bryan Chase.

A tracklist for the album reveals that Taeyang co-wrote every song, with Beenzino, Bryan Chase and Jimin contributing to their respective tracks.
Other well-known names credited on the album include Danny Chung, 24, KUSH, Bekuh Boom and Teddy Park.
The new album is Taeyang’s first solo album release following 2017’s “White Night,” as well as his first since leaving YG Entertainment and signing with The Black Label in December 2022.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Taeyang, whose name means “sun” in Korean, said that similar to his previous albums, his new album’s title relates to the sun.

He also shared that “Down to Earth” was partly inspired by a difficult time in his life as he was completing his mandatory military service in 2018.
He felt disconnected from the world, but he eventually managed to find solace in running. While watching the sunset one day, he considered the beauty that precedes darkness.
“Sunsets are met only with the night sky — not a new morning, but a dark night,” he said he thought at the time. “Right now, there’s nothing I can do, so let me be true to myself and focus on the small things during this time.”
Taeyang also shared that he is proud of Lisa and even watched her audition for YG Entertainment.

At that time, she was a baby, a young kid who just came from Thailand. She sang “Baby” by Justin Bieber and it was so endearing. My heart was hurting. I really wanted her to succeed. I told our CEO at the time, “I think she will do well no matter what.” I’m not saying she did well because of me or anything like that. Watching her become so successful makes me proud.

He told Rolling Stone that the title of their new song “Shoong!” is onomatopoeic, saying, “[it is] often used for cars passing by in Korean. The sound is repeated in the song. A Lamborghini is mentioned in the song, and from that, we dove into the racing concept visually.”

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