BIGBANG Star Reportedly Hospitalized For Drug Overdose, Still Unconscious in ICU

BIGBANG Star Reportedly Hospitalized For Drug Overdose, Still Unconscious in ICU
Ryan General
June 6, 2017
South Korean rapper Choi Seung-hyun, better known as T.O.P. of BIGBANG, was taken to the hospital after he had reportedly suffered a drug overdose on Tuesday, June 6 at 5 p.m. KST.
The 29-year-old K-pop artist was reportedly admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) and was placed under careful observation, according to AllKpop. Choi’s mother and other family members currently remain with him in the ICU, waiting for him to regain consciousness.
While earlier reports indicated that Choi was in critical condition after an alleged drug overdose, a new statement from police has allayed such fears.
According to police, the rapper had taken prescription anti-anxiety medication that contained tranquilizers, part of a regimen he has been taking for medical reasons, at 10 p.m. KST on Monday, according to ChannelNewsAsia. When it was discovered that he had not woken up by noon on Tuesday, Choi was taken to the hospital where he remains unconscious in the care of the ICU.
According to AllKpop, police released a statement on Tuesday evening:
“His loss of consciousness reported is not true. His anti-anxiety medication has sleeping pill ingredients in it, so he fell asleep. He’s received urine and blood tests as well as a CT scan, and the results are normal.
“The results have been relayed to his family. The doctor expects T.O.P to wake up in 1-2 days when the drugs wear off, and he’ll be able to return to life as normal.”
It is important to note that according to the police statement, Choi remains unconscious in a drug-induced deep sleep, and not the unconsciousness related to being comatose. Furthermore, reports that Choi is in critical condition can not be confirmed.
At 7 p.m. KST on Tuesday, news of the alleged drug overdose circulated in the media after a YG Entertainment representative reportedly confirmed that Choi’s current condition (via AllKpop):
“We’ve been told T.O.P is receiving intensive care for a drug overdose after being taken to the emergency room. His mother is currently staying beside him at the hospital.”
On Tuesday evening, Choi’s aunt revealed some context behind the situation without updating his condition (via AllKpop):
“T.O.P has been suffering from depression and anxiety disorder. There were medications that he took on a daily basis but we didn’t know they were nerve stabilizing medication.
“T.O.P spoke with his mom on the phone yesterday and said he’s doing well. So we’re in great shock right now..”
Rumors that Choi had regained consciousness also circulated after a series of statements from “insiders”, sparking speculation and fear over the singer’s condition. One “insider” reportedly told the media (via AllKpop):
“Some are saying T.O.P is awake, but he’s still unconscious in the ICU. The situation is being monitored, and he’s receiving treatment.
“Even if he does regain consciousness, his mother has a lot to worry about. They’re worried about brain damage as he was deprived of oxygen in the beginning. They’d rather avoid reporters during this difficult time.”
Yesterday, it was reported that T.O.P had been kicked off his mandatory military assignment due to charges over consuming marijuana.
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