BigBang’s T.O.P Attacked By Haters After He’s Caught on Video Taking Out The Trash

Images of T.O.P working hard to fulfill his military service has sparked both criticisms and support from South Korean netizens.

The controversial rapper, whose real name is Choi Seung-Hyun, is currently serving his reassignment at the Yongsan Craft Museum in January shortly after his involvement in a marijuana scandal late last year.

Since the facility has been kept open to the public, fans were able to take photos and videos of the 30-year-old K-pop star as he performed his duties, which include taking out the trash, Naver reports.

According to the officials at the Yongsan district office, they are very pleased with the BigBang member, who has reportedly been “diligent” and “hardworking” in performing his tasks.

Some social media users, however, were not as impressed and decided to post negative comments on the viral images.

“Korean celebrities are so narcissistic that they can’t deal with just a little bit of public service work,” one netizen commented. “If the staff members don’t take care of him, he’s like a five-year-old kid scared of riding the subway. Have a proper personality before you become a public figure.”

“Someone who’s taken drugs is discharged into the public without any punishment. Entertainers are king in this country,” another commenter wrote.

Meanwhile, T.O.P’s loyal fans and supporters are defending him, urging the public to give him privacy while doing his tasks.

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