Big Bang’s T.O.P. Opens Up on EX-GFs and Reveals His Ideal Woman

Seung-hyun fans, brace yourselves, for the moment of truth has arrived.
On Wednesday’s episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” T.O.P. shared juicy details about his love life, including how many girls he has dated and the kind of woman he’ll want to date.
The Big Bang rapper revealed (via allkpop):
“Since I was 19, I’ve dated exactly three people. Nobody knows the one I had a ‘some’ with. Right now, I am single.”
And what kind of woman is he looking forward to date?
“I like to drink, but I like women who don’t drink. But they cannot stand me. I once dated a girl who loves to drink. We dated for 3-4 years, but I had no memories with her. Because of alcohol, we always blacked out. Since that, I try to date girls who don’t drink. But when I drink, I turn off my phone.”
Strangely, T.O.P. said he prefers not getting close to the other person while dating.
“When I date, I don’t want to get close to the other person. When I look back, I like the moments when we were not close. I like her to be always be there for me. I like it when she doesn’t get in my business too much. I like speaking formally to her and not becoming too close.”
Okay. That doesn’t sound very easy, but now you know where to start.
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