Big Bang’s T.O.P. Just Caught a Huge Break

Big Bang’s T.O.P. Just Caught a Huge BreakBig Bang’s T.O.P. Just Caught a Huge Break
T.O.P.’s two year probation sentence for smoking marijuana has been suspended, according to the Chosun IlboBig Bang’s T.O.P., birth name Choi Seung-Hyun, was originally given a two year probation, that, if broken, would result in 10 months in prison for smoking liquid marijuana.
Choi Seung Hyun T.O.P.
“The defendant has admitted his guilt and the court acknowledges all charges as guilty,” Judge Kim Ji-chul of the Seoul Central District Court said. “The defendant, as someone who’s been loved by many fans here and abroad, has disappointed his family and fans. Yet the court has allowed for the fact that he has pleaded guilty, regrets having committed the wrongdoing and shows willingness not to commit such a misdeed again.”
T.O.P. addressed the public via the crowd of reporters. “I’m truly sorry that I disappointed my fans and the public. I will do my best to make a fresh start and not to make such a mistake again with what I’ve learned from this lesson,” he said after the ruling.
Now T.O.P. must wait for his disciplinary review by the police to determine if he will be able to stay on the force or be dishonorably discharged. If he is discharged, he will have to serve out his two year mandatory service as a public service worker, as is protocol for officers indicted on criminal charges.
T.O.P. was initially investigated for marijuana usage after K-pop trainee, Han Seo Hee, had confessed to using the illicit substance while hanging out with him. He was brought in for a hair follicle test, where he tested positive for the drug and was formally charged, leading him to be kicked out of the military. After he was found guilty of using marijuana, T.O.P.’s mental state took a turn for the worse, and several days later he was found unconscious in his home after a drug overdose. After a few days, he woke up with seemingly no negative long-term effects to his health. He then went to trial, where he was slammed by netizens for wearing full makeup in court.
His disciplinary review has yet to be concluded.
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