T.O.P’s Mother Suggests His Condition is Worse Than We Thought

T.O.P’s Mother Suggests His Condition is Worse Than We Thought
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June 6, 2017
News reports, even police updates, can’t always be trusted. The mother of BIGBANG star T.O.P, who currently remains unconscious in the ICU relying on a respirator to breathe, wants the media to get their stories straight.
Choi Seung-hyun, T.O.P’s real name, was taken to the hospital after being found unconscious of an apparent drug overdose on Tuesday.
Conflicting reports from “close friends” of T.O.P and “police insiders” soon emerged, with some reports saying he was just in a deep sleep induced by his anti-anxiety medication while others even stated he had regained consciousness at some point.

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Unfortunately, none of those developments, even from “police” sources, appear to be correct. Now, Choi’s mother, who is outraged at the rumors, wants the media to correct themselves of their misinformation.
According to the Joongang Daily and AllKpop, Choi’s mother told the media:
“Is it the hospital who reported that T.O.P was sleeping? The police told me that they never said that he’d regained consciousness. But why are there articles saying he did? The doctors told us that his tongue was drying, and that he is lacking oxygen input, so he could have problems with his brain. He has an oxygen mask over his nose right now.
“When he came to the hospital, he was unconscious. He is still unconscious, but the media is being told wrong things.”
According to IBTimes, YG Entertainment, the company that manages T.O.P, released a statement corroborating Choi’s mother’s disapproval of the media’s misinformation:
“When T.O.P’s mother saw the police quote she was furious. T.O.P is currently wearing an oxygen mask and he is unconscious. Visitation rights are restricted and only close relatives are looking over him.”
A YG Entertainment representative further extended their statement emphasizing the critical nature of Choi’s health (via Straits Times and The Korea Herald):
“Even if he awakens, we are not sure if he had his oxygen cut off when he was first found unconscious.”
The other most recent development includes Choi’s name being taken off the ICU list at the request of his family, though he still remains there according to the hospital (via AllKpop):
“T.O.P is still in ICU. His name was just taken out of the list.”
We hope T.O.P will regain his health and consciousness soon.
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