President Biden given honorary Korean name as part of Korean War commemoration

President Biden given honorary Korean name as part of Korean War commemoration
Jane Nam
July 26, 2022
President Joe Biden was given the honorary Korean name of “Bae Ji-sung” on Monday during a weeklong event marking the 69th anniversary of the end of the Korean War (1950-1953), in which the U.S. aided South Korea and its troops against the North.
The Republic of Korea (ROK)-U.S. Alliance Friendship Association stated, “We, the ROK-U.S. Alliance Friendship Association, are honored to announce and grant U.S. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. a Korean name. His name will be Bae Ji-sung.”
The association explained that the surname “Bae” originates from Pyeongtaek, a city located approximately 37 miles south of Seoul and home to a majority of the 28,500 U.S. forces in Korea. 
Meanwhile, the first name “Ji-sung” means territory and star, respectively. 
“The deeper and significant meaning behind granting the name ‘Bae Ji-sung’ is to keep considering and maintaining peace on the Korean Peninsula as [Biden] continues to contribute to world peace,” the association added.
The name was presented to Kurt Campbell, deputy assistant to the president and National Security Council coordinator for the Indo-Pacific, who accepted the honor on behalf of the president. 
Biden is one of several top U.S. officials who have received a Korean name. Former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump were given the names of “Oh Han-ma” and “Woo Dae-il,” respectively.
Also included during the event was the dedication of the Wall of Remembrance, which will be the newest addition to the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. On it will be over 41,000 names of American and South Korean service members who were killed during the war.
Featured Image via Getty Images / ROK-US Alliance Friendship Association
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