Genius Startup Invents an iPhone Case That Charges Using ANY Wireless Charger

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your iPhone 6 charge wirelessly, like some of those other newer mobile phones around?
For some reason, Apple has yet to give any of its products the power to charge wirelessly. This is a feature that has been promised numerous times in the past and has existed in a lot of other handsets.
Good for us, the guys from startup Bezalel can offer something that Apple can’t. The team has come up with an ingenious product called Latitude: the first and only wireless charging case for the iPhone that’s compatible with every type of charger.
The Latitude doesn’t just let you charge wirelessly — it also lets you do it anywhere there is a wireless charger, regardless of the wireless charging type available.
PMA standard users may charge in the following locations: Starbucks, Delta Airlines and General Motors, among others; those which charge via the Qi standard include McDonald’s, Ikea and select Toyota/Lexus vehicles.
Latitude will be able to connect to any of them because it is the first dual-mode wireless charger ever made. It also charges as fast as any wired charger, so you’ll get your iPhone running again in no time.
The product isn’t available yet and Bezalel is currently running a Kickstarter campaign. They have now exceeded their $30,000 goal and are nearing their Dec. 15 target.
If you want to help them out, a pledge of just $70 will not only get you a wireless charging case but also a charging pad.
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