Weinstein Co. Asia Executive Accused of Sexually Harassing Women in Hong Kong

Bey Logan, a Hong Kong-based consulting producer on The Weinstein Company’s “Shanghai”, has been accused of sexual harassment, according to Variety. Although he denies the allegations, he recognizes that he has made “mistakes” and has had a “too carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women”.

via FaceBook / Bey Logan

In a report conducted by Hong Kong News, a former actress, who wished to remain anonymous, stated that she was sexually assaulted by both Weinstein and Logan. Weinstein and the actress, referred to as “Ms. Z” in the report, were in his hotel room when he asked her to undress and shower so that he could watch. According to the report, she refused his unwanted advances.

Her interactions with Logan were reportedly worse; during the filming of one of Logan’s movies, she was “overwhelmed and kissed on the bed”. The report also alleges that multiple women have come forward with similar stories about Logan, stating that he arranged for women to be sent to Weinstein’s hotel room on numerous occasions.

Indonesian-Chinese actress Sable Yu also accused Logan of sexual harassment, saying that he had once asked her to touch him inappropriately. “He took his [penis] out and grabbed my hand to hold his [penis],” according to Hong Kong News. On a separate occasion, he also told her that sleeping with Weinstein would benefit her in her career.

On the set of “Snowblade”, Yu alleged that Logan touched her inappropriately, insulting her in front of the cast and crew. Logan asked Yu to perform naked, despite the fact that the movie was an action film and didn’t have any romance plots. She said that one scene required her character to be paralyzed, and that recovery included a pinch to her nipple. When she refused, Logan gave her nipple a pinch just to spite her in front of everyone.

Logan, an accomplished martial artist, admitted that the two had kissed but that he stopped when she denied his advances and insists that there was no sexual misconduct on his part.

via FaceBook / Bey Logan

“I have been shocked at the alleged behavior of Harvey Weinstein towards women,” Logan said in an emailed statement to Variety. “Throughout the years I have known Harvey, I have not witnessed, nor did anyone describe to me, any details of alleged sexual assaults.

“Many of the accusations made against me are either untrue or taken out of context. I categorically deny any criminal wrongdoing. I have never forced myself on a woman.

“I never sent a girl to [Weinstein’s] room, I never invited a girl to his room. In fact, I told people not to go,” he said to Hong Kong media.

Curiously, Logan added “we all knew Harvey was a skirt-chaser. If Harvey looked like George Clooney, would we all be quite so horrified? I wonder.”

Still, he maintains that he is “remorseful” and that he would like to take this as an opportunity to “step back and take time to reflect on my behavior and the values which I should uphold.”

He has also released a statement on his official FaceBook page:

“Regarding accusations made against me and covered by a recent article. At the time when the reporter confronted me, I was shocked and uttered responses off the record which come across as defiant and defensive. I apologize for the same. I have given my written statement and take this opportunity to express my regret for the hurt and embarrassment caused to my family and friends. My wife and I have separated, and I sincerely ask that the family’s privacy be respected during this difficult time. Bey”

He then released his lengthier statement on his FaceBook page in full regarding allegations made by Yu and others:

“Over the years of my adult life, I have made advances to women. Sometimes they were rebuffed and sometimes they were reciprcated. I have had a too carefree attitude towards physical encounters with women. I have made inappropriate comments lightheartedly or after a few drinks. I now see I was wrong and I have made mistakes for which I can’t forgive myself, and must live with them.

“I regret that any action I might have taken could have caused distress to anyone. I was insensitive because my position and the industry’s culture had allowed me to consider my behavior then acceptable. Current events and climate have opened a new dialogue where women can speak out, and men should examine their attitudes towards them. I am remorseful of my past behavior. I have learnt from it. But I fully accept that there is still much for me to change and to reconcile with.

“Nevertheless, many of the accusations now made against me are either untrue or taken out of context. I categorically deny any criminal wrongdoing. I have never forced myself on a woman. The news and social media platforms are not the fair and proper forum to adjudicate these serious allegations, nor should they be used as a tool to destroy someone’s career and reputation without due process.

“Regarding Harvey Weinstein. Like everyone else who worked at or with The Weinstein Company, I have been shocked at the alleged behavior of Harvey Weinstein towards women. Throughout the years I have known Harvey, I have not witnessed, nor did anyone describe to me any details of alleged sexual assaults. Looking back, I should have been more vigilant and could have done more to protect the women who were placed in a vulnerable situation.

“Regarding the production of my film “Snowblade”. It was a Japanese genre inspired film involving martial arts, violence and nudity. Its production was stopped when a major investor pulled out. I made best efforts, with the support of our then lead actress Sable Yu, to find further financing to finish the film. The last time Sable and I met, we attended an event at the Hong Kong Arts Centre toghether, had a drink in a bar and said our goodbyes. I have not seen her since. I subsequently received a letter stating that Sable Yu no longer wished to participate in the completion of the project.

“I felt I had a commitment to our existing investors and to our Japanese distribution company to try and complete “Snowblade”. To this end, I kept returning to the project over the years, between other movies, and tried to find a replacement for Sable.

“As had been the case with Sable, the candidates had to be good at acting, martial arts and comfortable with nudity. Throughout the casting process, I was entirely professional towards every performed who came in to try out for the film.

“I have had a long and rewarding career pursuing my lifelong dream of making Chinese martial arts action films and promoting them to a wide audience in east and west. I will now step back and take time to reflect on my behavior and the values which I should uphold.”

Feature Image via FaceBook / Bey Logan

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