Best Pokémon Cheat: The Fastest Way to Level Up Without Paying Money

A player who aims to be “the very best” in Pokémon Go should know how to level up fast.
Players with a higher level get to find Pokémon with higher CP, which gives players a better chance in conquering gyms. To level up much faster, acquiring as many experience points (XP) as possible is the key.  While it takes only 1000 XP points to jump up to level two, the target XP becomes greater as the game progresses to higher levels.

Getting XP

Players accumulate XP by catching, evolving, and finding new species of Pokémon. XP can also be acquired by training at gyms, conquering enemy gyms and visiting PokéStops. Reddit user VocalInsanity has posted a helpful breakdown on how much XP you get for each action in the game:
According to Mashable, to maximize efficiency in generating XP faster, knowing which action to take and where to take it is key. Roaming around rural areas for hours in hopes of hatching an egg, for instance, is ill advised due to the lack of Pokémon, gyms or Pokéstops a player could encounter along the way. For now, the best place to gain experience is in a busy area.
Catching every encountered Pokémon helps in gaining more XP. Each catch generates at least 100XP  — catching Pokémon  you already have can be used for evolving or transferring in exchange for candy. It’s also recommended that you use incense only when necessary — finding an existing lure is also a tactic used by most players.
Some experienced players go out in hunting parties and travel to an area with multiple PokéStops. This maximizes lures set by each party member to every Pokéstop nearby. This helps in collecting droves of Pokémon in a very short amount of time. According to CNET, there’s also a theory that the more people who surround a PokéStop, the higher the chance of spawning a rare Pokémon.
Finding a Pokémon not yet owned is worth five times more XP, so going out and tracking them is quite rewarding.
Storing up and evolving common Pokémon is always a good idea — Pidgeys, Weedles and Caterpies are almost annoyingly common, but it is important to note that these types only require 12 candies to evolve, and evolving a Pokémon provides a nice 500XP. Plus, with every catch giving a player 100XP, the points will add up for a faster leveling.
To get maximum the XP possible, remember to evolve them simultaneously after using the Lucky Egg as the item doubles up the points. Stocking up on these common critters may grant a player thousands in XP if played correctly. To evolve a Pokémon takes about 30 seconds, which means a player can evolve a maximum of 60 Pokémon per Lucky Egg.
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