The Best Final Fantasy Game Needs 2 Workers For Highly Anticipated Remake

Square Enix announced the highly anticipated “Final Fantasy VII” remake in 2015, but the company recently posted an ad looking to fill two key positions for the development of the game: battle planner and level planner.

The battle planner will oversee the “Final Fantasy VII” remake’s combat system, according to the recruitment website as translated by SoraNews24.

The right person will also be in charge of designing enemies, bosses, and the game’s leveling of the characters.

It’s still unclear if Square Enix plans to overhaul the battle system of the “Final Fantasy VII” remake entirely, such as the one featured in the PSX 2015 reveal.

The level planner will be in charge of coming up with various layouts for the different levels of the game by using Unreal Engine 4, the game design tool Square Enix is using for the title.

With the recent announcement, it’s highly unlikely that fans will get to see new clips of the remake at E3 2018, since everyone involved in the production of the game has been extremely hush-hush.

Those looking to apply can do so at the Square Enix Corporate website.

Images via YouTube / Square Enix NA

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