‘Master Artist and Storyteller’: ‘Berserk’ Creator Kentaro Miura Passes Away at 54

‘Master Artist and Storyteller’: ‘Berserk’ Creator Kentaro Miura Passes Away at 54‘Master Artist and Storyteller’: ‘Berserk’ Creator Kentaro Miura Passes Away at 54
Thy Nguyen
May 20, 2021
“Berserk” manga creator Kentaro Miura passed away at the age of 54 on May 6 after inspiring many fictional works for years. 
What happened: Miura passed away due to an acute aortic dissection, according to a statement by Young Animal Comics’ editorial department, reported CNET
  • “Berserk,” one of the most popular and longest-running mangas, is a dark fantasy series following Guts, a mercenary on his journey for revenge.  
  • Miura’s publishing company Young Animal Comics said to CNET that his passing has “blanketed” their editorial department “in deep sadness.”
  • Dark Horse Comics, Miura’s publisher in the U.S., released a statement commemorating him as “master artist and storyteller.” They feel privileged to have published “several of his finest works, including his masterpiece, ‘Berserk’,” according to Variety
About Miura: The prominent creator and illustrator first released his series in 1989 and sold over 50 million copies worldwide. 
  • He began drawing manga for his classmates at 10 years old and later worked as an assistant to George Morikawa, known for his work on the ongoing and over 30-year boxing manga, “Hajime no Ippo.”
  • “Berserk” was developed into two tv shows, a film trilogy, two video games and many others. It is an ongoing story that may never be finished.
  • Miura was notorious for taking long breaks of several years. His readers were patient since “Berserk” is considered “more detailed and meticulously drawn” than the typical manga, according to The Washington Post. Fans also made memes during these hiatuses to guess what he was doing.
  • His other works include “Futatabi”, “King of Wolves,” “Japan,” “Giganto Maxia ” and “Duranki.”
His impact: The impact that Miura had on the world of entertainment is one that will be remembered forever. 
  • Video games and mangas that were inspired by Miura include “Dark Souls,” “Bloodborne,” “Demon Slayer,” “Castlevania,” “Vagabond” and “Final Fantasy,” according to CNET. 
  • “Final Fantasy” fans mourned Miura’s death by hosting memorials within the game. There is also a “Final Fantasy XIV” Dark Knight job class that draws inspiration from the “Berserk” character design, reported NME.
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