Filipinos slam Philippines’ first virtual model for not looking Filipino

Filipinos slam Philippines’ first virtual model for not looking Filipino
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Michelle De Pacina
January 31, 2023
Filipino netizens have slammed the Philippines’ first virtual model for purportedly not looking Filipino.
Berlina, who has a fair skin tone, a slim figure and narrow eyes, was introduced to social media on Dec. 23, 2022, in a photo with Filipino Twitch streamer Ninabuns.
The virtual model, which was created to be part of the growing number of influencers in the fashion industry, has since garnered more than 6,000 followers on Instagram. 
According to When In Manila, the model’s unique face structure was created based on 100 faces to make it appear more “realistic” and “detailed.”
Her face design also took into account Filipinos’ favorite facial features, according to the lifestyle publication.
Although there are no details regarding Berlina’s personality yet, there are over 11 photos of the model on social media.  
Many online users have reportedly criticized the virtual model, arguing that its physical appearance stems from unrealistic beauty standards.
“She’s going to set impossible beauty standards for our younguns,” an Instagram user wrote.
“Except she doesn’t look like a Filipina and may have unrealistic beauty standards. Rename it to a cute A.I. model instead since she doesn’t represent a trace of being Pinay,” another user said.
“Even the non-human Filipino models look white lol,” entrepreneur Amira de Vera commented.
Some Facebook users also disapproved of Berlina’s thin body type.  
“Feed her some rice, somebody,” one user wrote.
“Would’ve been more amazing if her body was of average size,” another person commented.
Berlina was compared to Lil Miquela, an American fictional character that debuted in 2016 and was touted as the first virtual influencer.
“UGH! Not [Philippines] being a copycat again. Can we not create another ‘Lil Mickela’ [sic] guys?” one user said. “Let’s support, hire and appreciate human models [more] than this thing.”
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