Indian-Canadian Woman Denied Entry to The U.S. Because She Was ‘Trumped’

Indian-Canadian Woman Denied Entry to The U.S. Because She Was ‘Trumped’
Carl Samson
March 7, 2017
She may have looked forward to it every time, but the idea of going to the U.S. is now making a Canadian woman feel sick after a border agent denied her entry and required her to apply for an immigrant visa just to go to a spa.
Manpreet Kooner, 30, was born to Indian parents in Canada. On Sunday, she just wanted to go to a Vermont spa with two white friends.
Unfortunately, the trio coming from Montreal never made the trip as Kooner was denied entry after being held for six hours at the border.
According to CBC, Kooner was told to apply for the visa at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa. She went there the next morning, but to her horror, they said they couldn’t help and that she must talk to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Canadians entering the U.S. for travel generally do not need visas unless they are planning to immigrate or marry an American citizen.
A “speechless” Kooner apparently found no answers. She could not help but recall, “The office told me ‘I’ve been Trumped.'”
She then started to think the problem was probably racism:
People have said we need to take that into account here, because unfortunately, yeah, my skin color is brown.”
Comments in her Facebook post read:
“What the actual fuck.”
“Everyone should avoid the US for the next couple of years.”
“Kooner, you’re a Canadian citizen, they can’t refuse you entry!”
“I can’t believe it! I’m so angry for you!”
“This is ridiculous.”
Kooner said her troubles getting into the U.S. started in December, when her car was stopped for a random check. She was with her fiancé and some friends.
At the time, she had to fill forms and was later told that there was a computer system issue. They were advised to return the following day, which they did. They crossed successfully.
But this time, Kooner said border agents took her fingerprint and photograph. She also had to sign a form to withdraw her application for entering the U.S. Sadly, she already made plans to attend a Miami music festival later this month, which cost her over $1,000 for tickets. She is also supposed to hold her bachelorette party there in May.
In light of her rejection, Kooner is now thinking about selling the tickets and scrapping the party.
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