One of Hong Kong’s Greatest Action Film Directors Passes Away at Age 58

benny chan

Hong Kong director Benny Chan Muk-sing, whose known works include the 1996 film “Big Bullet” and the 2004 “New Police Story” reboot, passed away on Sunday at 58 years old.

Ailing auteur: Chan has reportedly been suffering from nasopharyngeal cancer (nose cancer), reports Yahoo News.

  • Chan was reportedly shooting his film, “Raging Fire” starring Nicholas Tse and Donnie Yen last year, when he felt ill.
  • The filmmaker soon found out he had nose cancer after undergoing a physical examination.
  • While he was able to complete filming “Raging Fire,” he had to pass the post-production work to another colleague so he could undergo treatment.
  • Chan spent months at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sha Tin, Hong Kong for his treatment.
  • Eventually, he was transferred to Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital, where he died.
  • Chan is survived by a wife and two children.

Prolific career: Before becoming a full-fledged filmmaker, Chan began his showbiz career as an assistant director to Johnnie To Kay-Fung in Hong Kong television network TVB.

  • After he was promoted as a TV director, he soon branched out to directing, producing and writing scripts for movies.
  • Chan would later be known for action films that focus on police and crime.
  • He directed, produced and co-written “Big Bullet,” a film that won awards at the 1996 Golden Horse Film Festival and the 16th Hong Kong Film Awards.
  • He also directed several collaborations with superstar Jackie Chan, including  “New Police Story,” “Who Am I?,” and “Rob-B-Hood.”

Online tribute: Some stars who have worked with the director have taken to social media to remember his contribution to cinema.

  • On Instagram, actor-turned-director Stephen Fung called Chan “a strong force behind Hong Kong cinema.”
  • Actress Jeana Ho remembered the director for “his hard work, dedication and strengths.”
  • According to Donnie Yen, he will miss his friend who has remained “positive, strong, happy, inspiring director and friend” over the years.

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