Benny Blanco collaborates with BTS and Snoop Dogg in new single ‘Bad Decisions’

Benny Blanco collaborates with BTS and Snoop Dogg in new single ‘Bad Decisions’
Daniel Anderson
August 5, 2022
Producer Benny Blanco made a good decision to collaborate with BTS and Snoop Dogg in his newly released single “Bad Decisions.” 
In the comedic music video for the song, Blanco is an Army spending the day preparing for an upcoming BTS concert, only to arrive at the venue a day early. In real life, Blanco did in fact attend BTS’ Las Vegas “Permission to Dance” concert.
In addition to Snoop Dogg, the new track features BTS members Jungkook, Jimin, V and Jin. Blanco and BTS have been teasing the collaboration since July.

“I’m still pinching myself,” the producer said about “Bad Decisions” in a statement. “I can’t believe I have a song coming out with Jin, Jimin, V and Jung Kook of BTS and Snoop Dogg. It doesn’t even feel real!”

On July 20, BTS’ Twitter account shared a video of Blanco begging to join their group and saying, “Look, I know we haven’t known each other that long but I want to be in the band. I want to be in the band — I want to sing and dance. I think I could do it.”
Jungkook, Jimin, V and Jin can be seen immediately saying “No.” Seconds later, Jimin says, “But we can make a song together.”
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In a trailer for the song, which was released on Aug. 2, a dramatic voice-over states that the BTS members are back before mentioning each member involved with the track. The narrator falters at an image of Blanco after Jimin’s photo appears and his name is mentioned. Confused, the narrator asks, “Jimin?”
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This is not the first time Blanco and BTS have worked together. Back in May, BTS announced that a medley of remixes of their hit songs “Fake Love,” “Life Goes On” and “Blood Sweat and Tears” was produced by Blanco. Around that time, Blanco shared his excitement on TikTok, showing the initial email request he received from them and writing, “Everyone knows I’m BTS’ biggest fan. So I immediately started working on this remix.” 
While Blanco and BTS have teased “Bad Decisions” since last month, Snoop Dogg hinted during a podcast appearance back in January that he would be releasing something in collaboration with the Hybe boy group later in the year.
He eventually confirmed the collaboration in March, saying his involvement was “official like a referee with a whistle.” He continued, “I make good music. They make good music. And we end up doing this. This is what it’s always about, bringing our worlds together.”
Just as the voice-over of the “Bad Decisions” trailer declares, BTS are indeed back for the summer. They dropped their massive anthology album “Proof” in June, which was well-received by critics such as NextShark’s very own Iris Jung, who wrote: “‘Proof’ is the perfect closure to the nine years of messages BTS hoped to convey to their listeners. As a group, the decision to create an anthology album displays their pride in their journey thus far and allows both old and new listeners to plunge into the new album without hesitation.”  
Shortly after the release of their latest album, the group announced they would be taking a group hiatus to focus on solo projects. So far, Jungkook has released a collaboration track titled “Left and Right” with Charlie Puth, and J-Hope has dropped a solo album titled “Jack In The Box.” J-Hope also made history this past weekend as the first South Korean artist to headline Lollapalooza. 
Earlier this week, BTS announced the return of their “Run BTS” web series and the release of a new cookbook filled with their personal recipes. A defense minister in South Korea also weighed in on their impending military conscription, saying there may be a way for them to continue performing even while they serve in the military.
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