California Man Who Tried to Gun Down Protesters Trained at His Family’s Vineyard

California Man Who Tried to Gun Down Protesters Trained at His Family’s Vineyard
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 28, 2020
The FBI has revealed more information about the man who used his truck to try and mow down peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in California back in May.
Busted: Last Wednesday, 28-year-old Benjamin Jong Ren Hung was arrested on gun crime charges resulting from an incident on May 31 in which he drove into a protest in Pasadena, the New York Post reported
  • Hung drove his Dodge Ram into a group of protesters who were chanting, “Black lives matter here.”
  • Based on the federal criminal complaint, Hung’s vehicle was adorned with flags associated with right-wing extremist groups.
  • It further noted that no one was hurt from Hung’s attack as the victims were able to evade the truck and avoid being struck.
  • Later on, investigators recovered a lengthy weapons cache, including a loaded semiautomatic handgun and multiple high-capacity magazines from the truck.
  • The authorities also found an 18-inch machete, a long metal pipe, a megaphone and $3,200 in cash.
Illegally obtained weapons cache. Screenshot from ABC 10.
He came prepared: According to federal authorities, Hung had been preparing to attack “civil disorders” in their area, ABC10 News reported.
  • The affidavit noted that Hung had been stockpiling weapons “from suppliers throughout the United States.” 
  • Hung has been allegedly using his family’s vineyard in Lodi, California as a “tactical training camp” and shooting range for his attack.  
  • Hung was charged with one count of conspiracy to transport firearms across state lines and to make a false statement in the acquisition of firearms. 
  • A conviction of the gun crimes may land Hung with a sentence of up to five years in prison.
Feature Image via ABC10
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