Ben Baller Threatens Lil Tay’s Dad’s ‘Job at Panda Express’ Over ‘Caillou Lookin Ass Boy’ Comment

Lil Tay, a.k.a. the “youngest flexer of the century,” is back at trolling Ben Yang, but this time she went after his facial features.

Also known as Ben Baller, the 45-year-old Korean-American jeweler and actor has had enough of the 9-year-old “lil turd” after she commented “Cailou lookin ass boy” under an Instagram photo of him and photographer and designer Bobby Kim.

Photo via Instagram / benballer

Ben Baller shared a screenshot of the comment to his Instagram Story:

For those who aren’t aware, Caillou is a Canadian cartoon who is known for having a big bald head and has been the subject of a number of memes on the internet.

Lil Tay first got under Ben Baller’s skin earlier this month after she wrote “I’m gonna need the car back by 6PM” under a photo of him posing in a parked dark gray Lamborghini in Monterey Park, California.

He threatened “beat her parents ass,” but this time around he’s going after her father’s “job at the Panda Express.”

Many of Ben Baller’s Instagram followers sided with him once again, with one user bringing up Lil Tay’s mother, who recently lost her job at a Vancouver real estate agency.

One follower accused the girl of being a “clout chaser,” while another just wanted a “discount at Panda Express bro.” As the beef betwwen Lil Tay and Ben Baller continues, most haters resort to targeting the 9-year-old rapper with racial insults:

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