Beluga Whale Gets Confused After Little Girl Starts Crying After a Kiss

As what some of us know, beluga whales are very social creatures that aren’t afraid to get up close with humans.

Most reactions they often see from people are smiling and laughing after getting in contact with them, but this little girl from China had the exact opposite reaction when she had a quick run in with one of this gentle large animal.

The rather adorable moment was capture on camera when the family and the girl went to Shanghai Changfeng Ocean World on April 22, according to Daily Mail.

The beluga whale was reportedly swimming on the surface of the water when the mother saw it and decided to sit by the pool.

And since they are very intelligent and social creatures, the whale suddenly leaped to give the little girl a very sweet peck on her cheek. But her reaction, however, was new to the whale as she began to cry and hug her mommy.

You can actually see the confused whale as it waits on the surface of the water as if it is observing what is happening with the little human.


Internet users couldn’t help but feel sad for the beluga whale as it calmly watches the baby’s reaction.


Poor whale, it’s expected to see a smile but not a tear!” one user wrote.

The whale must be heart-broken seeing the baby’s unexpected reaction,” another one said.

Featured image via YouTube / Daily Mail

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