Thai Restaurant Owner Hilariously Lets Customers Know They’re Open During Ice Storm

Crazy weather conditions may be wreaking havoc on businesses up and down the East Coast, but one resilient little Thai restaurant made it known that a bit of ice and cold wouldn’t be sputtering their engine anytime soon.

Despite a dangerous ice storm that forced many schools and businesses in Marquette, Michigan to close down, Rice Paddy — a home-owned Thai restaurant — took to their Facebook page to let their customers know they were still open for business.

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Y am I crying in a Thai restaurant rn // link in bio vote for me!!!!

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Rice Paddy is operated by a Thai woman named Aoy Lachapelle, who is known to work six days a week, 12 hours a day, cooking every order herself while wooing customers with “a good and generous heart that has won her intensely loyal friends and admirers here for the last 30 years.”

Reviews for the takeout on Yelp and TripAdvisor are glowing, with as many people praising Lachapelle’s gregarious personality as the food itself.

“Aoi is fabulous!” one reviewer wrote. “She remembers all of her customers and knows what their usual orders are! The food is very good and the prices are good too.”

“Come for the authentic food, stay for the authentic, hilarious kitchen banter from the owner/chef,” another said.

Image via Facebook / eatricepaddy

Loyal customers on Facebook expressed their joy in the comments of Aoy Lachapelle’s post:

Featured Images via Facebook / eatricepaddy

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