Belligerent Woman Calls Asians ‘Foreign Dogs’ in NYC McDonald’s

Belligerent Woman Calls Asians ‘Foreign Dogs’ in NYC McDonald’sBelligerent Woman Calls Asians ‘Foreign Dogs’ in NYC McDonald’s
Heather Johnson Yu
July 18, 2017
A man named Siwei Shen and his girlfriend were verbally abused by a woman while they were sitting at a McDonald’s restaurant in New York City, according to a video posted on Shen’s FaceBook on Saturday.
When a manager eventually intervened, the woman set her sights on the employee, questioning her credentials simply because “she looks like a Colombian woman”.
Shen and his girlfriend had come to the McDonald’s to eat, but they weren’t sure what they wanted. Until they could determine what to purchase, the pair decided to sit down and mull it over.
Space is at a premium in New York City, and tables are often seen as shared spaces if there’s room for another person to sit.
The couple saw two open seats and sat down across a very large table from a woman. That’s when things took a shocking turn.
Shen’s friend told NextShark what went down:
“My friend and his girlfriend sat down at a table to think some more about what they were going to order at the McDonald’s around 14th Street in Manhattan and the lady that occupied the seat across from them started yelling at them that they couldn’t sit there because they weren’t American. That she had more of a right than them. The table is pretty big (as you can see in the video) but she still refused to let them sit there. When the manager comes out, you can hear her questioning her credentials because she looks Colombian.”
The woman can be heard spewing xenophobic and racist comments towards both the couple and the manager throughout the video.
The woman said things like “who has the right to sit at the table, me: an American or them (the couple): foreign dogs?”, “don’t come here and sit on our tables — I’m trying to eat and this dog is sitting on the table”, and “is she really a manager? She’s not showing her credentials. This one over here, she looks like a Colombian woman.”
Eventually, the belligerent woman turned to the camera and addressed it directly. Waving erratically, she exclaimed “Hi! I’m an American [unintelligible comment]. I have a right to eat a meal; his ass shouldn’t be here,” she yelled, pointing to Shen.
“And then, you know — let me get the real manager,” she concluded, walking off to everyone’s disbelief.
Shen says the event has left him speechless.
“This is 2017 and some random lady said I can’t sit here because I didn’t order anything and I’m not American?!!!! What the f*ck, America!”
The identity of the woman remains unknown.
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