Bella Poarch reveals she was a victim of sexual assault in second MV ‘Inferno’

Bella Poarch reveals she was a victim of sexual assault in second MV ‘Inferno’
Carl Samson
August 16, 2021
Filipino American pop star
The details: Poarch, 24, revealed her experience in the comments section of the song’s music video, which dropped on Friday and has since raked over 15 million views. She began her disclosure with a trigger warning.
  • “As a victim of sexual assault, this song and video mean a lot to me,” the Navy veteran wrote. “This is something I haven’t been ready to share with you just yet. It’s very hard for me to talk about. But I’m ready now.”
  • Bella Poarch nude went on to describe the song as a fantasy she concocted to cope with the traumatic experience. “I decided to express myself by creating a song and video with Sub Urban based on how I wished my experience went. It’s a fantasy I wish was true. I’m looking forward to sharing this with you all,” she wrote.

About the song: “Inferno” is a dark pop track filled with heavy beats and laced with some tango. It follows Poarch’s debut single, “Build a B*tch,” which surpassed 194 million streams on Spotify in June and has now received more than 273 million views on YouTube.
  • The song’s cinematic music video opens with Poarch getting drugged by two men, whom she quickly takes to hell by surprise. Her revenge fantasy comes to life in the chorus, where she sings: “No halo / Baby I’m the reason why hell’s so hot / Inferno / Baby I’m the reason why bad’s so fun.”
  • The music video features more than a dozen influencers, many of which are Asian. They include Disguised Toast, Fuslie, QuarterJade, Ivana Alawi, Valkyrae, StarSmitten, LilyPichu, Yvonnie, TinaKitten and Bretman Rock.
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