Incredible 4-Year-Old Russian Girl Can Speak 7 Languages, Including Chinese

A four-year-old Russian girl is winning major internet points after showcasing her skills at being adept in seven languages on a local TV show.

The polyglot toddler from Moscow, Russia, named Bella Devyatkina, recently impressed judges and audiences from the reality program “Incredible People” after fluently speaking in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Arabic and her vernacular language, Russian, according to

It’s not just a simple recitation of memorized sentences — Bella effortlessly showcased her fluency by responding to questions prepared by adults who spoke the language. She sampled her literacy by reading questions in English and French and even sang beautifully in Spanish.

According to her mother, Yulia, her daughter has been studying different languages since birth. She started by learning Russian and English first, before branching to other languages. Having multiple nannies who spoke different languages also made it easier for her to adapt.

“Such cases are rare but have happened in the past. Language centers in the human brain get switched on at different stages of development,” a linguist and language expert was quoted as saying.

Bella, who has become an internet sensation, has successfully progressed to the next stage of the competition due to her incredible skill, where she could take home the $20,000 cash prize.

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