Panda-monium: Giant panda escaping his Beijing Zoo enclosure is bear-y cute

Giant Panda Escapes Beijing Zoo

A panda recently went viral for escaping its enclosure at the Beijing Zoo. 

The “Kung Fu Panda”: The 6-year-old panda named Meng Lan stunned visitors by climbing over a six-foot-tall metal fence on Dec. 15.

  • Visitors were reportedly told to keep their distance from the panda; however, this did not stop them from filming the panda’s escape.
  • According to the staff, Meng Lan is their “most mischievous panda” at the Beijing Zoo, noting his history of “naughty” behavior.
  • While the panda made it to the buffer zone, which separates his enclosure from the public area of the zoo visitors, he was lured back into the cage with the smell of his food. 
  • The officials assured the panda’s enclosure would be modified to prevent similar incidents.
  • According to NDTV, Meng Lan was born in 2015 at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. He was moved to the Beijing Zoo two years later.

Featured Images via CGTN Global Watch

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