Tourists Throw Rocks at Panda in Beijing Zoo to Wake It Up

A video of rowdy Chinese tourists visiting Beijing zoo has gone viral for the awful behavior they exhibited, throwing rocks at a resting giant panda inside an enclosure on Saturday.

The clip, which first circulated on Chinese social media, shows a giant panda named Meng Da resting inside its enclosure when suddenly a rock comes flying towards the unsuspecting animal. Luckily, the animal was not injured during the incident.


According to the person who recorded the video, there were two similar instances in the span of just 30 minutes where zoo visitors threw rocks at the panda. The eyewitness told The Beijing News that the video posted online captured the first instance and the second person threw a much bigger rock, Daily Mail reported. The second incident, however, was not captured on camera.

This happened inside the zoo’s old panda pavilion which was first built in 1981 to celebrate the 1990 Asian Games held in Beijing.

Fortunately, zoo keepers were able to rush to the scene on Saturday to stop tourists from throwing more objects into the pavilion, as said by a spokesperson speaking to The Beijing News.

Meng Da was unfazed by what happened and continued on with its day of eating, excreting, moving around, and playing inside its enclosure.

Featured image screenshot via Weibo

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