Beijing Unleashes Robot Police During Holiday Week to Scan Everyone’s Face

A special force of robot police was deployed in Beijing to assist human officers and ensure public safety during the National Holiday Week in China.

The robots, which stood slightly shorter than most adults, were equipped with a camera, speakers, warning lights, and wheels that allowed them to “walk” around.


The crew of mechanical police officers were tasked to scan “suspicious” people within a radius of 800 meters (2,624 feet), according to Sputnik China.

They then sent signals to the city’s surveillance system, easing the burden of their human counterparts during busy hours.

Pedestrians did not miss a chance to take pictures with the special machine police stationed in the city’s Xidan commercial district.

Some examined the robots closely after seeing their “police” status.

While many praised the application of artificial intelligence in public safety, some expressed worry that the robots could soon take over human work, according to the China Times.

Weibo users commented:

“This reduces the burden of police officers, I like it.”

“I saw this cute thing yesterday.”

“Can you hit him as a policeman?”

“Big Brother is always watching you.”

“Hide away, if the face recognition is successful, it might give you a shot or send you to jail.”

Images via YouTube / Pear Video Beijing

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