Australian Woman Fired, to Be Deported for Breaking Beijing Quarantine to Go Jogging

Australian Woman Fired, to Be Deported for Breaking Beijing Quarantine to Go Jogging

March 20, 2020
An Australian woman who had just arrived in Beijing was fired and is set to be deported after she broke the quarantine rule created to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Only identified by her surname as Liang, the woman is an executive for the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer and had recently returned to China on March 14, according to Shanghaiist.
She was ordered to go into a 14-day quarantine as a safety precaution to prevent spreading the virus.
A day later, she reportedly broke the mandatory quarantine and went out for a jog. There, she was confronted by the neighborhood security guard who told her that she should not have left her home, but she insisted and said she had to stay healthy.
Liang also refused when the guard told her to at least wear a mask. However, the confrontation escalated and the woman reportedly started yelling “help” and “I’m being molested,” when the guard was nowhere near her.
The situation was only diffused after the police arrived to intervene. Liang agreed to go back to her apartment.
Shortly after the video of what happened became viral on Chinese social media, Bayer announced on Weibo that Liang had been dismissed from her position.
The company added that it fully supports the Chinese government’s efforts to contain the virus. It also asked all of its employees to comply with the regulations.
Beijing’s Public Security Bureau then announced that they would revoke Liang’s residence permit and asked her to leave the country by an undisclosed date.
Beijing made some changes in its quarantine regulations after the incident. Those who come into the city will now have to be placed under a centralized quarantine as opposed to the original plan of self-isolating at home.
Meanwhile, guards told reporters that they haven’t seen Liang leave her apartment after the incident.
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