New Beijing Winter Olympics English-language song draws mixed reactions online

olympics join us song
  • China has unveiled a new music video for the 2022 Winter Olympics featuring popular singer Zeng Shunxi, journalist Lu Binqi and rap group CDRev.
  • The song “Join Us in Winter” promotes positivity and sportsmanship among participants.
  • While the video has earned praise from Chinese social media users on Weibo, it sparked ridicule from some international viewers on Twitter.

A new promotional song for the Beijing Winter Olympics has received both praise and ridicule from viewers online. 

State news agency Xinhua uploaded the music video for “Join Us in Winter” this week on Weibo, where it received positive reactions and comments from Chinese social media users, reported the New York Post

The upbeat English language track, performed by singer Zeng Shunxi and Xinhua journalist Lu Binqi, promises a welcoming environment for Olympic participants. It also features the CD Rev, a state-sponsored rapper duo known for their pro-Chinese government songs.


The song promotes positivity and sportsmanship among participants, with a line that tells athletes “win or lose, we cheer for you.”

On Weibo, the song gained a lot of support, particularly from fans of the artists. Zeng, alone, has over 20 million followers on the social media platform.

Other state-run media outlets shared the song on Twitter and YouTube, where international audiences got to weigh in on the video.


On Twitter, users criticized the song for its allegedly “cringey” lyrics, with many pointing out that China’s strict travel restrictions for the Games do not match the song’s inviting title. The country currently imposes quarantine for most visitors and restricts selling tickets locally.

The 2022 Winter Olympics, which was subjected to a brief diplomatic boycott due to China’s alleged human rights abuses, is scheduled to take place from Feb. 4-20 in Beijing and venues near the neighboring towns of Yanqing and Chongli. Due to pandemic restrictions, the Games will be held in a “bubble,” separating the public from athletes and Olympic personnel.

Featured Image via New China TV

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